I’m just an ordinary girl, or maybe I shouldn’t say girl since I’m not as young as I used to be. However, if we went with how playful I still feel, I’m 17. Even if that is a bit more than half my age.

And yes– I’m liberal. And yes– I am a member of a conservative Christian denomination.

I love learning. I love exploring the world and seeing what new things I can learn and people I can meet (though I’m a bit shy, so I don’t normally start random conversations, but love being included in them).

I spend a lot of time thinking up creative ideas and trying out different arts and crafts. I also love the outdoors. I’m more comfortable in the mud than in an office.

As many conservative christians, I grew up thinking it meant I was automatically a republican — until I got into my high school government class and realized I disagreed with almost every (or every–I cannot remember) conservative policy that was presented in class. I also had a really hard time how the most outspoken conservative classmate talked to the rest of us (telling us we were wrong, and just repeating his stance over and over–as if somehow by repeating it, it would become true).  I knew things didn’t work that way. Not socially and not with determining what is truth or not.

Give me facts…and be respectful — that’s what I wanted from him (and other conservatives I’ve interfaced with). Do not make this out to be a salvation issue.

Recent interactions with what I term “grumpy conservatives” has made me realize why I was always told by young people who left church (or were contemplating leaving church) that they had a hard time with the judgement and attitude of the “older conservative church members.” I get it now. After being called a sinner for which there is no hope. Likened to the devil himself. Been told “well bless your heart”  by one too many southern conservatives (if you’re not familiar with southern culture, that is about as condescending as it gets).

My core values include love, respect, and self-sacrifice. Oh, and of course education and intellectual curiosity, too. I love logical and philosophical discussions.

Oh, and I hate the cold. Sunshine and warm days make me feel alive.