Why I am Liberal — I hate to break it to you, but people are hurting.

pexels-photo-273171So, I’m not going to pretend to know how I’m going to fit this into the series (note the missing number on this post)– but it is something I have to share.

And you need to read.

People are hurting.

So, put your political opinions on what is right or wrong, and who is worth listening to and whom should be shamed for their liberal beliefs, life choices, public or private sins away.

It’s not our job to determine who is worthy. It’s our job to see that people are hurting and to do something about it.

I’m someone who has experienced trollish conservative attacks…and in each time I tried to get the individual to slow down, to put their judgement in their back pocket and sit on it, and to realize the damage they may do if these same words fall upon someone else less capable of dealing with it than I (I just watched 13 reasons why….. so I think you can see where I’m coming from).

I would remind them, the trolls — you never know what is going on in someone else’s life. There is a quote that says to be kind because everyone is fighting a hard battle that you know nothing of.

This is where I burst your bubble, and confirm that it is true. People are hurting. Start taking an interest and asking people how they are doing, catch the tendency to say “eh, ok” or an irritated “fine”… don’t burden them with a barrage of  useless questions , that’s not what I’m saying… (thoughtful questions, thoughtfully timed is what you’re going for) invest in their lives. Show them that they are loved and appreciated and make yourself present in their lives. That way if they do need someone, they know that you’re willing to be there with them and to love them without judgement.

I saw pain three times today, once in a message scrawled on a chalkboard. Once hidden in a, “I’m ok”…once not hidden at all… and I want nothing more than to pour love into those lives.

One I know has different political and social beliefs than I do. One, I’m fairly certain they are different…and the other…I have no idea.

But I still want to love them. I don’t want them to feel isolated or shamed or judged.

I want them to feel love and to grasp onto love.

I want them to be able to live a good life full of loving supportive individuals — to get through unscathed by trolls and haters and people who think that you are only to love those in your in group.

And to those, sitting on the outside, bleeding from wounds or bearing the weight of judgement, I’d love to know the right words to speak to your situation.

I have these. I hope they are good enough.

You are enough.
You don’t have to be alone.
No storm lasts forever. None.
Life isn’t easy, but there is beauty to be found…and boy…. is there beauty out there to be found. I can show you some. Look at @beauty_in_the_bleak on instagram. I share some beauty I find there. While I can only show things that are beautiful that way, there is deeper beauty out there…..and within you.

This post isn’t done, but I’m publishing it now. Rough spots, errors, all.

Because there’s someone out there about to bully or shame someone, and there’s someone out there that needs to know that someone cares about them and their struggle…and I hope both of these people find this post.


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