002 Why I am Liberal–There is Definitely Something Wrong With Them.

pexels-photo-156921Originally posted November 2015 on a former blog of mine.

Today was a hard day.
I heard so much about them.

Through history there have been a lot of them. Those them got treated poorly, because they weren’t like us.

Those them were marginalized, dehumanized, mistreated, and often killed. Many of those them grew up to be us, but we forgot that we were once them.

We forget, in the face of fear or ignorance, that when we make them them and us us, we draw a line between us, making it easier and easier to treat them like things rather than beings.

It’s easier to be mean to them than us.
It’s easier to be kind to us than them.

In experiments where a false division is made, so that there is an us vs. them, it is shown that each side tends to work to deny the other team positive rewards, even if it means that they suffer in some way to do so. They also will go to great lengths to promote one of their own—even if the group divisions are completely arbitrary with NO basis.

But while the groups are arbitrary, the results can be reliably predicted by simply creating the division.

So, yes… I agree the problem is with them.

So throw the word out of your vocabulary and mentality. See every problem and offense as an attack against humankind. See their pain as pain of someone in your group, since we are all one. Value cooperation above competition. Sharing of resources over storing up. Understanding over ignorance. Empathy instead of distain. Love instead of hate or complacency.

Us vs. them is the mentality that leads people to become extremist and terrorist, prejudice and racist, or simply complacent.

Keep the goal before you, what will a better world look like?

Now, how do we get there? Do we get there by separate but equal? (Been there, done that).

Can love be true if it is captive to fear? If love is rated and handed out along geographic, philosophical, religious, or personal difference lines, is it truly love?

Why do we rob love of its power?

I don’t say this from a place of getting it all right, I say this from a place of wanting to get it right. And wanting other people to struggle to get it right with me, so that love’s power can be restored. So that individual cases of hate being poured out can quit finding each other, and building their own little ponds of hateful people, when there are so many others who have love to share but aren’t sharing it, thinking it too little or too dangerous to do so.

We, those who have love to give, are those who must unite.

And yes…. Doing so will be scary, and yes it can be dangerous, and YES it can change the world.

Let’s change the world.

I was once told that just as we do not measure the presence of cold, because cold is merely the absence of heat. So too hate is not a thing, it is merely the absence of love. Do you think this be true?

And remember, whatever positive thing you do, it does matter and I can make a difference, so don’t give up. You may want to look for people with similar passions and get together to do some good.

remember to #loveoneanother #createacultureofkindness #bekind

PS. Isn’t the girl in the feature image absolutely lovely?

Pictures like this can be found for free use on pexels.com (just thought I’d pass that along to any fellow bloggers out there that need free images).


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