001: Why I am Liberal–My core value of love.

pexels-photo-195364It is hard for me to just pick one reason to write about, but today encountered me an opportunity for reflection on what is behind my liberal ideologies.

Love. A desire to live a selfless life. This core value– of valuing others, has shaped my political beliefs.

You may be a conservative and saying “but that’s what shaped mine!” and if that is so, then I know that the value behind your motivations is a sound one. I have no problem with anyone who is selfless and loving and conservative. Who does not seek to “win” a debate by name calling and derogatory comments.

And please don’t say that a liberal cannot be a dedicated Christian, because my faith and understanding of Christ as an example of loving and respecting EVERYONE is what brought me to my beliefs.

The Liberal vs. Conservative debate is a non-salvific issue (that’s my word that I use for an issue that does not determine salvation or your ability to love and serve Christ with your life).

Honestly, think about it for a minute. Would the arguments we’re having about policy mean a thing to the average person in China? Africa? South America? No, it would seem foolish to most. Does that mean that salvation is not available to them because they do not belong to one side of the argument or the other? It doesn’t mean a thing in that regard!

They may not understand our political debates — but I’ll tell you something they will understand. Love. Respect. Self-sacrifice.

I know this post doesn’t give a lot of examples, but we’re just getting to know each other here! haha. What I mean is I need to find my voice. The tone. The topics. The direction.

I know that I never want the tone to be derogatory. So, to the trolls — I will not engage them specifically. I may address some of the topics in future posts.

Instead, I will respond to trolls with #loveoneanother or #LoveRespectandKindness (I may think of something that sounds or works better– but you get the idea).

So, this is day one, and this is why I’m liberal.

PS. If you want to join in and exercise your core value of love, one of my favorite things to do is to write encouraging letters to strangers. I’ve been doing this since I was 15 or 16. I then leave them in public locations so that they can be found.

Today I experienced some hate against me because I’m liberal. I was unsettled by experiencing hate that came at me with no knowledge of who I am or what I stand for — just because I have a different political orientation than them. I needed to make room for love, and to focus on love.

So I wrote two encouraging letters today. One written to a random guy who may find it, and one to a random woman. Letting them know that they are enough, and that there is beauty to be found in the world (and whatever situations they may find themselves in). I challenge myself to find beauty on a regular basis…and when I look with the intention of finding beauty– I always find it. I just have to remember to look! Did you find anything beautiful today?


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